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Pre-Website Blog

In 2010, I attended a leadership camp with a session that included a few presentations on personal branding. It was here that the idea of creating a blog was impressed upon me. But 14 year old Sara knew nothing about blogging and ended up creating something on Google's Blogger medium. While not the most technologically advanced, this site was the home of all my rantings and musings for 8 years. The consistency of having everything in one place is a large reason it has taken me this long to consider creating a new blog or website. But I have finally bitten the bullet! And as a tribute to that 8 year introduction to blogging, I am including the link here in this new blog. As embarrassing (and honestly, boring) as it may be, this is where I found my voice. In those 100 posts, you can find everything from high school rants to frustrations of mediocrity in college - and a lot of pictures of food from Mexico City and Istanbul.

And as always, thank you for being here.


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