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ramblin' around the world

a collection of travel tales


• p o m p e i i • _and if you close your
smell ya later brux ✌🏽 _ 📍Brussels, Belgium
• c e t a r a •_This coast is just an al
Today’s trusted steed took me about 20km on what should have been a 10km journey.jpg
📍once upon a time in Portugal 🎵
When they tell you you’re in the Rift Va

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust

Mexico City, Mexico

My first extensive international experience was a seven week Spanish study abroad program organized by Georgia Tech. As someone who had studying abroad at the top of her "college bucket list," I found myself incredibly overwhelmed by how challenging and less than glamorous being abroad can be. Despite this, I still fell in love with the pieces of Mexico that were my temporary home.

Amazing view of Mexico City from the top
Sometimes I miss ya, Istanbul--you crazy

Istanbul, Turkey

My second extensive international experience was like jumping off the high dive the day after you learned how to swim. Still hesitant from the challenges of my time in DF and reluctant to leave the new normal and routines I had settled into at Tech, my best friend and I hopped on a plane to land in the "city of two continents." While it was also stressful at times, we'll always look back on our time in this city with gratitude.

Paris, France

One of the first cities I ever fell in love with. From solo exploring in the sunshine in May 2015 to ringing in the drizzly New Year in 2018 with an inspiring friend, Paris definitely has its fair share of magic around it.

Mandatory Eiffel Tower picture.jpg
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