Excited to aggressively laugh my way thr

life in london

favorite people

those who make my time in London extraordinary

Fulbright Fam

the best Americans in the UK. clearly.

The OH Crew

the best Brits in the UK. clearly.

favorite places

in case you're planning a trip to London, these are some top spots to visit

Sky Garden


Camden Market


Primrose Hill




Granary Square Steps


Tower Bridge


favorite things

okay let's be real, this is mostly a list of different coffee shops and food joints because in all reality my favorite things are coffee and food

Ole & Steen

order the "cinnamon social" and your life will be changed I promise

London Grind

there are actually multiple "Grind" locations throughout the city but this one is my favorite because of it's proximity to the river

Bloomsbury Coffee House

the first coffee I purchased in London but also a great spot to study

The Breakfast Club

what would London be without it's large quantity of "American-style" eateries?

Band of Burgers

the Camden High Street location knows my order...

Goodge St Falafel Stand 

this will surprise no one who has spoken to me in the past year

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