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Hi, I'm Sara! Have you heard of the Swiss Cheese Model?

It's this idea used to explain the likelihood of an event occurring because of all the other factors or events that line up and occur for it to be so. Just like the holes in a series of Swiss cheese slices.

Here are some relevant slices of Swiss cheese:

  1. ​I had the fortune to graduate from one of the best institutes in the world (#THWg) where I was challenged and learned how to fail.

  2. I study global health in London - a metropolis of the world but also this academic field.

  3. The Internet makes a lot of things possible - like being able to explore how differently each of us see the world in which we live.

  4. You have somehow stumbled along this page and made it to the end of this very odd introduction and for that I am grateful! I hope that you click around and stick around and share you're own stories with me as I amass this collection of Swiss cheese.

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